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Hey I'm Kittie!! I love randomness and I'm a big dork so it seemed a good idea to join! I love manga (chobits, one, inve and .hack legend of the twilight) and anime (fullmetal alchemist, azu manga dai oh, and howl's moving castle). I also am a big gaming geek (emphasis on Nintendo and Final Fantasy) and I <3 Link (Legend of Zelda), Cloud Strife, Squall Leonheart, Tidus, Vincent, Reno and Kadaj (various Final Fantasy games). Oh I'm also really into vidding, so check out my journal if you wanna see any of my music vids (no point in visiting my webbie coz my video host is down but on my journal theres a link to where im moving to). Anyhooz, I'm gunna go now *waves*
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